The accordion is a magical instrument. It's the only instrument that slips so easily from slapstick to elegance, from sensuality to candor, from joy to sadness. When Frédéric Viale chose to learn the accordion, he was not yet a magician. He wanted to follow in his big sister's footsteps, and above all for all his friends in the accordion club. accordion club; perhaps, at the tender age of 8, he also wanted to fulfill a paternal dream. father's dream: before arriving in France, no one in his family of Piedmontese origin had the means to learn music.

More contemplative than studious at school, Frédéric did, however, assiduously follow the Lucien Galliano (Richard's father). A gifted student - and a passionate one at that - he competition after competition. In his teens, he discovered several accordion and jazz masters Astor Piazzolla, Richard Galliano, Stéphane Grappelli and Django Reinhardt. Very he was offered the chance to play at dances. All the joys and, above all, the vicissitudes of human society come together on the dance floor. It was a rude awakening for the young accordionist who lives in contact with nature, not far from dazzling Cannes. Curious and independent, Frédéric spends hours roaming the countryside the surrounding countryside, observing the animals and communing with the sun. Money doesn't but life is easy on the family farm and suits his dreamy yet down-to-earth personality. but firmly rooted in the land. Her whole performance is underpinned by this true emotion, at once intimate and open to the world. yet open to the world.

With his first fees, the young artist completed his jazz education by raiding the small the small music section of supermarkets. He also listens to classical music,
gypsy, latin, afro, brazilian, argentine. At the same time, he learned all the "good" musette repertoire musette repertoire: André Astier, José Baselli, Gus Viseur, Jo Privat, Tony Murena. He took up the bandoneon. A self-taught musician, Frédéric favours a craftsman's approach to his art. approach to his art, based on honesty, hard work and unstinting modesty. a greater sensitivity, far from showboating. Frédéric doesn't want to show off, he just wants he wants his music to penetrate people's hearts. This is his sole ambition, and it's almost by chance it's almost by chance that playing at the dance hall has become a regular source of income.

But talent doesn't like to be confined. Soon other jazz artists were encouraging him to compose. Jean-Marc Jafet invited him to play with him. In 2004, Frédéric released Paradise, his first album, featuring Jean-Pierre Como, followed by a second, Lames Latines -always independent- in 2008, which he recorded between Paris and Rio with André Ceccarelli, Diego Imbert and Marcio Bahia. For his third album, La Belle Chose, also acclaimed by the critics, Frédéric formed a quartet with with Zaza Desiderio, Natallino Neto, Nelson Veras and also Emanuele Cisi... from Europe to China, as far afield as Los Angeles and closer to his home port, in Nice, with the Opera soloists. In each of his albums, however different jazz, of course, but also all his musical and humanistic influences musical and humanistic influences, the warmth of Brazil, the simplicity of the South, and that same organic texture. same organic texture. When Frédéric composes, his creativity can be driven by a deep reflection on the world or just raw emotion, a taste for courage a desire for change.

Whether inspired by the feverish energy of a busy street or the peaceful beauty of nature, his melodic phrases are dense, by turns tinged with euphoria or sadness. Her dexterity combined with her generosity produces a pure, lively sound.

His fourth album is no exception. The renowned jazzman that he is to the point that an illustrious accordion brand has created a model in his nameproposes a resolutely modern a resolutely modern approach, with soaring tracks, a streamlined sound sound but also plenty of groove, with each of the 11 tracks evoking colours colors, just like the beautiful cover* Frédéric has chosen for himself. Produced once again with the help of Zaza Desiderio, Natallino Neto and Nelson Veras, the album melancholy, but a luminous melancholy that sublimates rather than crushes. rather than crushing. An album full of melodies and breaths, made up of tributes (to her father, to Goyone (to his father, to Goyone, to Louiss...) and winks (Indifférence, the totally unstructured, re-harmonized and re-harmonized with an Afro tinge), serenity and hope, and showcases the famous the famous "made in Viale" sound that the renowned Pigini label wanted to reproduce at once hushed and powerful, warm and precise.

Frédéric has responded to no pressure other than his own integrity, that of making music that is accessible yet demanding, for the public at large. to make music that is accessible yet demanding, to share with those who have always aficionados of the instrument, and with those who have discovered it more those who, before hearing him, may have had a caricatured vision of his music.
the accordion, to which Frédéric has given a new lease of life while retaining its popular dimension. One could hardly expect anything less from an artist whose music whose music lays bare the "Roots of Heaven"...

In 2018, in the album 'Pars en Thèse Jazz', Frédéric pays tribute to traditional swing jazz, the kind that swings and gives wings. that swings and gives wings. He is a great admirer of such as Sonny Clark, Freddie Redd, Duke Pearson and Paul Chambers. He surrounds himself with renowned musicians: Emmanuele Cisi on sax, Humberto Amesquita on trombone, Aldo Zunino on double bass and Adam Pache on drums.
With L'envol, his latest opus released in November 2020, Frédéric concentrates and channels his creative energy. The compositions evolve towards new sounds, but the sense of sense of sharing remains. Thanks to his experience, his musical culture and the talent of his fellow musicians, he feels free to innovate and create without limits. Two talented musicians, free electrons of jazz, join the Quartet. The pianist Julian Leprince-Caetano and singer Chloé Cailleton, whose warm, bewitching voice is in perfect harmony with the accordion.


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