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Special edition December 2022

Elected in the Top 5 of the best jazz accordionists.

Pascal Anquetil

Journalist and former Head of the Jazz Information Centre

Each time he plays and improvises, Frédéric Viale knows how to open up space, to fire up time, to invent a quality of breathing that is ample and wide. Under his fingers, the "shiver box" becomes a "jazz box". Here is a true jazzman who never jazzes, never gives in to the vain vertigo of the debagoulis of notes as do too many talkative musicians who have nothing urgent to say but express it at length. Viale, on the contrary, goes straight to the point, without embellishments, to the essential.

Dédé Ceccarelli

It's not easy to switch from world music, from the musette I love, to chanson, to jazz, but the conversion is successful for the talented accordionist Frédéric Viale. Good luck, dear Frédéric!

Federico Pigini

Creatore di fisarmonica

Con Frédéric, sono bastate poche parole ed una stretta di mano. Ed ecco che lo strumento per Frederic è nato. La sua musica ed il nostro artigianato sono un concerto perfetto!

Joseph Carrel

Accordina manufacturer

Frédéric is the velvety-legged jazzman who knows how to surprise us with both accordion and accordina.

Hermeto Pascoal

Està muito bonito o seu cd, Frédéric! Parabéns pelas composições, arranjos e aosmúsicos! Um grande abraço! Viva a Música Universal!

Laurent Brun

Jazz Rhône-Alpes

Frédéric Viale is a poet of the accordion, of those who touch your heart. He tells himself in freedom and his music is as close to us as the company and speech of a friend can be.

The World

A jazz that slumbers in popular balls all over the world and leads to a spontaneous, catchy and harmonious music: this is the Belle Chose according to Viale.

DeeDee McNeil

enthusiastic in the American magazine Cadence

I've never heard an accordion sound like that!

Pascal Savard

TV Au bonheur de nacre

A Musical Favourite

New Wave

The Republic of Jazz

The themes are lyrical and charming, they stay in the ear and the improvisations fly away with a joyful ardour.

Georges Kiosseff

The Republic of Jazz

A singing and dancing virtuosity with a kind of melody within reach of the bellows.

Richard Galliano

I like the temperament, the musical sense and the determination of this musician.

La Strada

His music is rich and melodic, a patchwork of jazz, musette, tango and world music. The whole is served by a breathtaking virtuosity.

Marcel Azzola

It's very good jazz, the one we like, full of music and swing. It's an album that deserves a great place in the world of Jazz. With a big friendly bravo.

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