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October 28, 2020

Frédéric Viale & Co

Frédéric Viale & Co

Frédéric Viale's music is a mixture of rhythms and colours, bathed in the great freedom of jazz. With his musicians Natallino Neto, Zaza Desiderio, Nelson Veras, Frédéric invites us to discover his warm universe that smells of travel and sharing. Since the album 'La Belle Chose', their complicity has blossomed and the human adventure continues on stage and in the recording studios whether they perform in trio, quartet or welcome other artists in quintet. After 'Les racines du Ciel', the album 'L'envol' is their third album.






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    In trio, quartet or quintet.

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    The roots of the sky, Jazz thesis and L'envol by Frédéric Viale