Pars en Thèse Jazz
November 5, 2020
Simply Toots
10 March, 2022


1. Flight
2. Ultimate atom
3. The South
4. Under the ocean
5. The blue trees
6. Odonata
7. Into the wild
8. Made in Viale
9. Breathing
10. Tenderness

The Flight

With his 6th album, Frédéric Viale offers us eight new compositions and two delicious French chanson standards. On this album he reunites with bassist Natallino Neto, drummer Zaza Desiderio and guitarist Nelson Veras. He also welcomes singer Chloé Cailleton and pianist Julian Leprince-Caetano. Thanks to his experience, his musical culture and the talent of his musician friends, Frédéric now feels freer to innovate.


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    The roots of the sky, Jazz thesis and L'envol by Frédéric Viale