Lames Latines
November 5, 2020


1. Paradise
2. Lina Quartet
3. Bird's Waltz
4. Bartolomeo
5. Chicounette
6. Chorinho pra Jo
7. Nath
8. Drachir Onaillag
9. Samba Jo(y) - Intro
10. Samba Jo(y)
11. Song for Hermeto - Intro
12. Song for Hermeto
13. Lina Duo


Frédéric Viale has developed a taste for harmony, rhythm, improvisation and composition which naturally led him to record his first album in 2004. He is joined by his accomplices Emanuele Cisi, Jean-Pierre Como, Jean-Yves Candela, Christian Pachiaudi and Jean-Luc Dana.


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