November 2, 2020
La Belle Chose
November 5, 2020

Latin Blades

1. Hermeto
2. Alma Argentina
3. Crazy Waltz
4. Flor do Brasil
5. Southern Tango
6. Carora
7. Cristina
8. Maternal melody - Introduction
9. Maternal melody
10. Homenagem a Sivuca

Lames Latines

Frédéric recorded his second album in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 2008. In this new opus, jazz, tango and Brazilian music intermingle under the influence of the great Hermeto Pascoal. Renowned musicians take part in this adventure: Marcio Bahia, André Ceccarelli, Jean-Marie Ecay, Thierry Galliano, Diego Imbert, Marcello Martins, Daniel Santiago and André Vasconcellos.


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